Smart Cookie Club

Stay. Play. Learn.

after School Club

Smart Cookie club is excited to provide quality after school care to the Trinity Bellwoods community. Our instructors are dedicated to uphold a warm and accepting environment where children can develop socially, creatively, physically and intellectually at their own pace. We aim to make your child’s time at Smart Cookie Club the best experience it can be for them as well as you, the parents.

Smart Cookie Club is not a licensed daycare, however, our operation follows similar guidelines to that of the Ministry of Education.

Our Goals and Values:
Our instructors are devoted to maintaining the following goals and values for your child: 

  • To provide a caring and nurturing environment so that your child feels like they are in a home away from home.
  • To be immersed in a fun and engaging program that is based on the concept of discovery and play.
  • To enhance confidence and self-esteem through constant encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • To develop social awareness through interactions with other children and caring, knowledgeable adults.
  • To expand language and early math skills.
  • To uphold a healthy balance of freedom and structure where children can express their individuality.
  • To strengthen gross and fine motor skills through stimulating and accessible indoor and outdoor activities.
  • To promote independence and master life skills through daily routine.

Our Programs and Facility:

Age range: 4-6 

Ratio: 1 instructor to 5 children

Our program is considered to adjust and adapt to your growing child at every early stage of their development.  Our class room will be set up with age appropriate toys and activities to ensure that your child is active and engaged throughout the program.

The After School Program begins at school dismissal and continues until 6:00 p.m. The club will be held in Studio 306 at Artscape Youngplace.

Children are greeted by the same staff each day, which allows a sense of stability and familiarity to develop.

Program instructors have prepared, in advance, fun and stimulating activities for the children to enjoy. Children also participate in planning program activities. In addition to active/outdoor play, children have the opportunity to socialize with their friends and explore some of their own interests. Children and staff collaborate to plan and implement activities which are age appropriate, challenging and fun. Engaging and involving the children in this manner not only provides the older children with life skills, such as, time management and planning, but their involvement in creating their activities also captures their attention and keeps them interested.

A substantial snack is to be provided by the parent every day.

Our washroom facilities are just a few steps away which include our hand-washing station and sanitary toilets.

Our outdoor space is behind Artscape in the Givins Shaw Public School playground.  Our instructors follow strict safety policies and procedures. Outdoor learning may include the Artscape Yongeplace building and all Givens Shaw Public School playgrounds. Please feel free to call us for more information.

*The After School club does not operate during PA days, PD days, Statutory holidays, or other school breaks