Smart Cookie Club

Stay. Play. Learn.

Sherman Family Testimonial

I had to take the time to write this and let everyone know how amazing the Smart Cookie Club is. I started hosting a class at my house at the end of March. 
I was intrigued at first because it wasn't a music class! My 2 year old and her "friends" were starting to get restless during music classes and I wanted to find something that could offer her a bit more. 
I should say I'm a working mother so wasn't able to be present at the program but my caregiver and I agreed it sounded good and we decided to try it. 
I was blown away by the program the first week (as was my caregiver). She excitedly told me that the activities were engaging and she felt were really enriching. The teachers left extension activities for the caregivers and my nanny was excited to implement the activities the next day. My nanny is outstanding and really takes pride in teaching my daughter new things but this program took it to a new level. They have learned sorting, colours, geometrical shapes, and participated in a number of activities that include sensory enrichment. My nanny keeps telling me that the caregivers in the program leave excited to teach and enrich their kids' daily lives. I see the extension activities being done in my house and it is blowing me away. 
I should also say I'm a teacher of 17 years and this is my 3rd child. I've been fortunate to have 18 months maternity leave with all 3 of my kids and I have done a number of different programs. I can honestly say this is the best program I've ever signed her up for! It is like a mini-kindergarten class in my living room. And the best part is the teachers take the time to show the caregivers how to continue and extend the learning. 
I cannot say enough about this program. My daughter will be enrolled in Smart Cookie Club until they will no longer take her. Every child should experience this kind of hands-on, interactive and engaging learning. As an educator, I can see that at age 2.5, this program is already encouraging school-readiness. As a mother, I'm thrilled that my child is developing a love of learning. And as a working mom, I'm thrilled that my caregiver is being given more tools to help me educate and enrich my child's learning. ​​

-P. Sherman