Smart Cookie Club

Stay. Play. Learn.

Singing and Listening to Music

At the end of each class, children receive a Smart Cookie Club sticker and a take home activity. They can use the activity with their parent or caregiver after the class to extend and scaffold their learning. 

This week we gave name cards with reusable letter stickers. 

Lacing The Letters of Our Names

Sandpaper Letters

Musical Letters

Printing Letters

Teaching Sounds & Letters 

Fun with Phonics 

Have fun learning letters sounds! There are endless ways to introduce early phonetic literacy skills that exist outside of books.

Here are a few ideas that you can try at home:

  • Make ‘sound boxes’:  Fill a shoe box with items that begin with the first letter of a familiar word ("‘B’ for bear; add a bow, black bat, butterfly, bird, button, balloon, ball, etc..")
  • I-Spy Sound game: When out and about, take turns identifying things in the environment that start with a certain sound (eg. I-spy something that starts with a sssss-it’s the sun!)
  • Speak in ‘robot talk’ (syllables): Clap out words and have your child guess what you are asking for.  ("Can you pass me the c-u-p?")
  • Sing familiar songs and rhymes to your child, leaving out the last word in each verse - pause and wait for your child to guess the missing word
  • Make ‘Silly Soup!’: With your child, choose a letter/sound to focus on and collect familiar items that begin with that sound.  Get a big mixing bowl and spoon and with your child, sing the Silly Soup song.  After each verse, place an item in the bowl, while stressing the first sound in the word.  As you go along, encourage your child to come up with their own items that might go into the soup.

Silly Soup Song Lyrics:
We’re making lots of silly soup,
we’re making soup that’s silly.
We’re going to put it in the fridge,
to make it nice and chilly!
 (Sung to the tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’)

Magic Painting

Computer Keyboards

Building Letters Using Curves & Lines

Sample Class

Making Alphabet Soup

Forming Letters in Salt Trays

Disappearing Letters

Letter Hunt! 

'ABC' Jars

Story Time!

Sponge Letters in Soapy Water

Gardening for Letters

​Each class is designed for children to explore different activities and learn through play. Classes include a range of theme related activities that focus on all essential developmental domains. 
Throughout the 45 minute class, our experienced teachers will guide the children through the activities, while educating parents and caregivers about the skills being developed and modeling a variety of strategies that will help them in supporting their child’s learning at home. 

In this class we focused on having fun with phonics! We explained to parents and caregivers that children should have a strong foundation in hearing sounds along with recognizing letters.  Singing along to the alphabet is fun and will help with letter recognition but phonetic awareness is key.  We taught parents and caregivers that children must understand how words are made up of different sounds and that different letters represent the sounds that they make.  We explained that when introducing and naming letters, it is important to stress the sound that the letter makes.  For example, ‘D’ makes a ‘duh’ sound.