Smart Cookie Club

Stay. Play. Learn.

​​​​"We loved having our daughter in the Smart Cookie Club for before and after school care. It is clearly a place where the well-being and development of kids is highly valued. The co-founders Mary and Talia were very helpful and accommodating. Our daughter's teacher Matthew was just amazing. He had a great rapport with all the kids, was great at teaching them about friendship, respect, and good manners but at the same time he was very creative and he engaged them in all kinds of fun activities. Our daughter loved going there every day and she formed a special bond with all the kids and teachers."

​​​​My son Jack loved attending the Smart Cookie Club classes each week we hosted at our home. I saw how beneficial they were as Jack's speech drastically improved throughout the sessions. I was always impressed with how prepared Talia and Mary were and the many activities they brought for the different themes. The emails sent before each class and the take home sheets and activities were also very impressive. Any child would truly benefit and be lucky to participate in a Smart Cookie Club class.

                                                                                                                                                                           -Lara K.

 "......I have found it incredible how my twins internalize and process the concepts they learn through SCC, sometimes in the moment and sometimes days or even weeks later! It's beautiful to witness and I am grateful to Talia and Mary for fostering curiosity and play in my kids!"

-Kate Love,
Mom of twins

"The Smart Cookie Club creates an incredible atmosphere. It’s a warm and wonderful environment with a focus on stimulating little people and developing essential skills. The thoughtfulness in which everything is done – from the lovely space and activity sections to the comprehensive development report – is really quite amazing. It was the first structured program my son had ever been in, and it couldn’t have been more ideal. I’m extremely grateful for the exceptional experience, both for my son – and my whole family.

- Laura

"The Smart Cookie Club Preschool program was a total game changer for our toddler.  The staff are second to none! He ALWAYS looked forward to going and constantly talked about his teachers and friends. We saw huge positive changes in him at home and loved hearing all about his adventures. It's the perfect amount of time and all the activities are so creative and thoughtful. Beautiful bright space. Exceeded our expectations in all ways.."   


"I just wanted to touch base and say how happy we are with our daughter in the classes. She has opened up a lot more and is telling us about her day - something she never did pre smart cookie.  I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing program."


 "...I am most impressed with the variety of content and materials used. Talia and Mary are genuinely passionate about working with children and it shows in their enthusiasm..."

"We had the pleasure of having Mary and Talia as pre-school teachers for our son Thomas. We would call them the dream team because they had such a wonderful ability to connect with the kids and make them feel loved and special, all whilst creating an atmosphere of fun and learning. The kids really responded to them and it's one of the reasons e believe our son, who was extremely premature, was able to flourish and catch up so dramatically that we no longer need to use 'corrected age'."       

-Suzanne & Pete​

"..I had to take the time to write this and let everyone know how amazing the Smart Cookie Club is.... "

-P. Sherman


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When we took our first daughter to the Smart Cookie Club, we weren't sure what to expect.  Ella LOVED it! From the first day she met her teachers she knew they were special. She came home after every class saying 'my teachers are so nice’. We were amazed by the things she learned and the things we learned about her! The friends, the fun, the learning - she grew so much in a season.” 

                                                                       -Christine L.